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Beneath the sunny slopes of Maui’s Mt. Haleakala, researchers at Monsanto diligently tend to acres of corn. The carefully cultivated fields at the Maui Research and Technology Park are the center of research efforts in the company’s statewide corn research … Continue reading

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Trex Enterprises

For Daron Nishimoto, finding a rewarding job in a family-friendly community was a high priority. He found both of these at Trex Enterprises Corporation Maui, a research and design house that has developed a portfolio of proprietary technologies – in … Continue reading

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For business partners Dan O’Connell and Terry Born, launching their company was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Over the course of nearly 20 years, the pair has experimented with harnessing the power of light to create technologies designed to … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles on Maui – Phoenix Rising

December 2008 was a good month for transportation initiatives on Maui that promise to significantly reduce greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. Maui Mayor Charmaine Tavares and Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle signed a memorandum of understanding between Phoenix Motorcars, the Department … Continue reading

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Making Hawaii A Better Place: Electric Cars Are In Our Future

On December 2nd, 2008, the State of Hawaii and Hawaiian Electric Company announced a partnership with the private company, Better Place, to introduce a model for clean energy in transportation: Zero-emission battery-powered electric vehicles. The partnership is just one of … Continue reading

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Palm size technology redefining high-speed communications

For Dr. Ned Davis the prospect of combining a career in engineering with living on Maui felt too good to pass up. Today he finds himself at home in the labs of CrossFiber, a company that specializes in building optical … Continue reading

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Leading the Nation: Hawaii’s Clean Energy Initiative — and Maui’s Trailblazing Role

As we enter 2009 and a new decade beckons, announcements heralding renewable energy projects have flowed thick and fast in Maui County. Whether it’s a 10-acre photovoltaic farm on Lanai, wind farm projects on Maui and Molokai, a proposed underwater … Continue reading

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Mapping the Planet’s Last Great Frontier: Joe Breman and International Underwater Explorations

The ocean depths may hold unfathomable mysteries and all manner of things for writers and filmmakers (think: The Abyss, The Big Blue, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), but for Joe Breman and his company, International Underwater Explorations, LLC (IUE), … Continue reading

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Pan-STARRS marches across the sky in search of asteroids

While fantasies of asteroids wreaking havoc on earth are usually reserved for the domain of Hollywood, Nick Kaiser has made asteroid detection the stuff of everyday business. An England native and educated at Cambridge, Kaiser made his way here eleven … Continue reading

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Shedding light on objects in space

Just two short years ago a series of serendipitous events led Wes Freiwald and three others to start Pacific Defense Solutions. They brought with them years of experience and expertise, and now this young company is helping define the curve … Continue reading

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